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Learn Spanish in one of the safest and most beautiful destinations in Mexico!  Whether you are starting from zero, know the basics of Spanish or are fluent and want to refine your Spanish skills, we have the program for you! We are a Spanish school for foreigners located on Banderas Bay in beautiful Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.                                                                                                             



Picture by  Puerto Vallarta's  Tourism Office

Living it is learning it! Completely immersing yourself in the Spanish culture is the best way to improve your Spanish skills, and do it fast: by staying in a host family and living together with the locals you will be able to learn faster and continuously improve your Spanish.  You will also practice what you have learned during your classes just through the experiences you will have outside of classes while travelling in and around Puerto Vallarta.   Each of these opportunities will allow you to assimilate the language in a deeper and more long lasting way than if you just took Spanis classes back home.

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           Photo by Vallarta's Tourism Office                              Photo by Vallarta's Tourism Office

Why Puerto Vallarta?: Because Puerto Vallarta is the most popular and safest resort destination in Mexico and one of the best beach destinations in the entire world. The people here are friendly and eager to help anyone making an effort to learn their language. Whether you’re at the market, whale watching, out to dinner or shopping, there are always opportunities to have once in a lifetime experiences while learning Spanish in Puerto Vallarta.

Custom tailored curriculum!  The staff at the Spanish Experience Center will test your level of Spanish, listen to you to find out what your goals are and create a learning plan just for you!  We offer classes for every level of language proficiency from basic Spanish to advanced industry specific programs and you can even tailor your class schedule to your specific needs! From standard Spanish to private lessons or full time Executive Spanish, we have a schedule that will work for you!

Preview Why SEC?   You can learn the language from our  Spanish school in Mexico during our classes, but The  Spanish Experience Center is much more than just  classrooms.  Not only will you acquire Spanish skills that will last for a lifetime, but thanks to our dynamic  social lifestyle and all the activities and excursions   organized by the school, you will continually learn  Spanish in Puerto Vallarta while you make friends with  locals and become a part of the SEC family!  SEC has  grown faster than any other school in Puerto Vallarta  because of the sincere and close relationships we have formed with our students.  They are the reason why SEC is the most successful school in Puerto Vallarta.  Repeat business and referrals are the reason we have grown every year since we opened in 2004!

Sign up! Go to our programs page and choose the Spanish classes in Puerto Vallarta that you feel best suit your needs.  Standard Spanish, Private Lessons and full time Executive Spanish are all available.  We also have great programs specifically designed for children or teens which have been some of our most popular classes.  Reserve a cultural exchange with a colonial city in Mexico to enhance your learning Spanish in Mexico even more. Whatever your needs are, please visit our registration page or contact us with more questions.

What is included in your stay? By taking Spanish classes at SEC you will be in the hands of certified teachers with over 30 years experience of teaching Spanish as foreign language. Our Spanish school is located in a beautifully renovated Mexican hacienda offers you a free Wi-Fi access throughout the school, a fully equipped kitchen, private showers, a computer area, a library, study area on the roof top terrace, 7 air conditioned classrooms and so much more!

Where are you going to stay? Our Mexican host family selection is carefully chosen to offer you the best environment or if you prefer more privacy, Puerto Vallarta offers hundreds of furnished of accommodation options: check our housing page for more details!
Preview     When should you learn Spanish in Puerto Vallarta? Puerto Vallarta enjoys amazing weather all year long: in the winter, the days are beautiful, warm and almost always sunny, the nights might get a little fresh but you will enjoy 100% sunny days and will be able to admire whales during your stay.  

The summer is the rainy season, and it gives the vegetation a chance to bloom and you will have the opportunity to witness mind blowing sunsets and views of the jungle!


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